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Life Insurance

Term Insurance

Plan Types


  • Short term protection covers liability and mortgage

  • Most affordable Life Insurance.

  • Premiums are locked in for the entire term of your policy.

  • Renewable at the end of the specified duration.

  • Conversion options: Can be converted to a permanent plan without medical evidence.

  • Your designated beneficiaries will receive the death benefit tax-free.

Term 10

Term 20

Term 30

Term 65

Term 75

Term 100

Whole Life 

Plan Types


  • Protected for your entire life

  • The premiums are fixed according to plan preference

  • Quick pay options allow flexibility of premium payment duration. Policy is guaranteed to be paid-up at
    the end of 10, 15 or 20 years, whereby no further premium payments are required while providing protection for life!

  • Invest wisely- Since you are at less risk when you are young, premiums are much lower and you will
    secure lifetime coverage that is more cost-effective than term insurance in the long run.

  • Contains Guaranteed Cash Values - A portion of the paid premiums are allocated to the “Guaranteed Cash Value” reserve which are available should the policy owner decide to surrender/terminate the policy. Alternatively, borrowing against the cash values is an option at the interest rate determined by the carrier.

  • Highly recommended for young adults

10 Pay
15 Pay
20 Pay
65 Pay
100 Pay

Universal Life

Plan Types


  • Tax Free Benefits: Whether you choose cost of insurance level or increase (YRT or ART), the policy amounts paid to beneficiaries is tax free.

  • Tax Shelter: Universal life insurance policies have a policy
    accumulation fund portion; and it accumulates on a tax sheltered basis. Most Canadian insurance companies offer a range of investment options with all risk levels.

  • Tax Free Accumulation: Money stays in your policy accumulation fund and grows tax free.

  • Recommendation: Highly recommended for business owners or self employed individuals.

10 Pay

20 Pay

100 Pay

*Varies by carrier